Top 3 Brands in India

1. Tata Group

Top 10 Brands in India

As the most valuable brand in India, Tata Group has maintained an apparently unstoppable lead. Companies across the group spent the previous year making audacious, innovative strides, and brand value are up 11%. Tata Motors ran a contest to get people to vote for the name of the new car when the spread of the Zika virus threatened to cast an unfavourable shadow over the introduction of its car with the name Zica.

Tiago was declared the winner. With Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador, Tata Motors also scored something of a coup. Despite recent controversies, Messi has an incredibly strong connection to India’s younger generation. The Zest sedan and Bolt hatchback were introduced by its passenger vehicle division. Guenter Butschek, a CEO and managing director this year at Tata Motors with prior experience at Airbus and Daimler, was one of the company’s significant hires.

2. Airtel

Top 10 Brands in India

Being the largest telecom provider in India, Airtel also serves as a focal point for problems that continue to afflict the industry, including call drops, inconsistent service, and a customer base that is rife with grievances. While the majority of businesses would attempt to sweep this under the rug, Airtel, which bills itself as an open network, has proven its leadership.

It provides subscribers with the opportunity to view the number of towers, informs them of new services, and reacts quickly to suggestions and objections. The brand value has increased by 8% since the previous year. On the strength of strong data consumption and stable currencies in the majority of the markets it is present in, its losses in Africa decreased by half to $78 million in the first quarter of this year.

3. Reliance Industries

Top 10 Brands in India

Reliance Industries expanded its product line this year to include mobile phone handsets, as if the company’s portfolio wasn’t already sufficiently diversified. The LYF brand has already surpassed many more well-known competitors who have dominated the market for much longer, according to research firm IDC. A preview of Reliance’s ambitious Jio suite of services is included with the sub-$50 devices in LYF’s lineup, which are 4G-capable and have these features.

Jio has received an investment of over ‘150,000 crore, making it “one of the largest transformational greenfield digital initiatives anywhere in the world,” according to Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. Ambani claims his service will cover 70% of the country from the day of launch, despite the fact that exact launch dates are still unknown.

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